The sum of many advantages



Over 15.000 square meters of warehouse containing 82 million customizable items with constant availability of each product.


Delivery in 24 hours, online order in 3 clicks, research of materials and cutting-edge design suitable for every need.


Consulting dedicated to each customer during the registration, sale and assistance process.


Reserved area


Possibility to consult your personal profile at any time:

  • order progress status
  • account balance
  • invoices
  • bill
  • shipment tracking


On-demand import

Can't find the right product for your needs? We'll think about it. Our direct import office has contacts with producers all over the world, if you have an idea or a creative briefing, our team will be happy to welcome your request and guide you in choosing the most suitable product. The entire import process will be managed by us.


Personalized Catalog

Request your personalized cover and make your catalog unique!
Contact your sales representative or CLICK HERE to be contacted


Catalog customization


Web services

We provide our customers with innovative services aimed at improving sales processes. These services are designed to improve the relationship between retailers and end customers, as well as giving the opportunity to increase their customer portfolio.

Browse catalog

Browse catalog

Easily share your browsable catalog with the links below:

Clone site

Clone site

Starting from the base of the Promit website, we provide you with a complete customized website, always updated with images, descriptions, prices and availability.

What you can do:

  • Customize logos, contacts and banners
  • Associate a personalized price list to each user
  • Associate a personalized print list to each user
  • Choose whether to show the prices in the showcase
  • View the images of the articles in high definition and at 360 degrees with relative description
  • Multilingual site
  • Let your customers know the catalog and check availability quickly and easily.

File master dispo

Master file and availability

Do you already have an e-commerce site? With the master file service you can:

  • Simply import all the information and images of our products via the master file you will find in the Download area.
  • Updated availability readings so that your site is always synchronized with our catalog